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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 5, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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republicans -- >> that civil war is interesting. >> it will be important thing to watch over the next few days. >> a lot of like -- >> my mother's maiden name. >> want to talk about my name? >> no. >> will cain, ooh. four letters each. wow! >> cnn "newsroom" with carol costello begins now. good morning, carol. >> hi, soledad. fire bob costas? the sportscaster responds to critics calling for his job. >> this is just the case of some people don't agree with it or they don't agree with what they think i was saying and, therefore, it would be okay if i was booted off the air. >> he explains exactly what he meant to say at his half-time commentary on gun control. the image that shocked and created so much outrage. this morning we hear from the man who snapped the photo and asked him why? always low prices. what about your mortgage? would you let walmart finance your home loan?
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imagine spending an entire year away from your family and friends, everything that you love all in the name of science. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. this should be interesting. speaker john boehner meets this morning with house republicans who are angry at his new pitch to raise $800 billion in tax revenue in the fiscal cliff negotiations. president obama has said there will be no deal unless taxes are raised on the wealthiest americ americans. but staunch conservatives don't want any kind of new taxes. that's where speaker boehner's job gets really tough. on piers morgan tonight newt gingrich said if all else fails, go over the cliff. >> i think that no deal is better than a bad deal. i think going off this cliff is less dangerous than letting things build up for a year or
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two years to an even bigger cliff. i think that the president clearly has staked out a position of nonseriousness. and i think that it's very difficult for the house republicans right now to find any practical way to get his attention. so, he just won an election. he is feeling very good about himself. he is posturing brilliantly, putting the republicans in a corner. they need to relax. they don't have an election until november 2014. >> senior congressional correspondent dana bash joins me now. dana, can we expect fire woworkt the meeting this morning? >> reporter: possibly, carol. one thing that has been interesting with regard to john boehner's leadership of the republican conference, which certainly is very conservative and he has had to balance that with negotiations with the white house on a number of occasions, one thing that's interesting is that until now he really has been able to maintain their loyalty. and their confidence that whatever he does, he he's doing
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for a reason because the alternative would be worse. and one thing that he did in a very deliberate way on this particular counter offer, which they sent to the white house earlier this week, was it wasn't just a letter from boehner to the president. it was a letter from the entire republican leadership, including paul ryan, including the budget chair. not just the budget chair but former vice presidential candidate who went across the country, campaigning and promising not to raise tackxes. he is trying to have his bases covered. at this point from my reporting, while there is some anger inside his own house caucus, a lot of it is coming from outside groups. and that is really -- that really is real, sending e-mails, alerts, saying call your congressman. there's no question they're upset about that. but unclear how much he will really hear about it in this meeting today. but we'll watch. >> dana bash, reporting live from capitol hill this morning. we're watching a members
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only closed door briefing on libya. head of the attention community james clapper will give a multimedia presentation to a bipartisan group of representatives. they are trying to answer lingering questions taking place over the benghazi attack of the u.s. embassy. john mcafee, on the run from police in belize and now is seeking asylum in gaut mauatema >> no one has blamed me for the murder. i have not been charged. i am not a suspect. they merely want to question me about the murder. i am not concerned. i have not been charged with a crime, there is no basis for extradition. i like guatemala. i think the legal system in guatemala is superior to the
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legal system in belize. >> police in belize want to "mcafee about the murder of this man, but say mcafee is not a suspect. bob costas now explaining what exactly he meant to say about guns during half time during sunday night football. he was speaking about the weekend murder/suicide by the kansas city chiefs player. in case you missed it, here is part of what costas said sunday night. >> handguns do not enhance our safety. they exacerbate our flaws, attempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. in the coming days, jovan belcher's actions and possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows but here is what i believe. if jovan belcher did not possess a gun he and kasandra perkins
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would both be alive today. >> some critics saying costas picked the wrong time and place and others blast him for trying to take away their second amendment rights. now the blogs are light iing up with calls for him to be fired. quote, nbc should show bob costas the door. then there's this facebook page. fire bob costas for his unamerican comments on gun control. hln sports reporter joe carter is here to talk about all of this. what did he say in his own defense? >> i found several fire bob costas facebook pages with lots of likes. he went on the shows yesterday morning and defended himself and said that he did admit he made a mistake, that he used wrong forum to take on such a heavy-handed topic, that he should have listened to his own rule which is when you take on a topic as politically charged as gun control, leave yourself enough time to fully flush out that topic. and as we know in television,
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you only have so much time to talk about a certain topic. he had only about 90 seconds to discuss that topic. he broke his own broadcasting rule in taking on that topic in that forum. he also said he doesn't disagree with the second amendment, he believes people should have the right to bear arms but he believes we should change the gun culture in your country, like grabbing your keys, grabbing your wallet, grabbing your gun before you leave the house is how the culture needs to change. and the amount of people who want him to be fired for what he said sunday night, here is his response to that. >> someone compare this had as a fireable offense to situations in which people have laid blatantly racist comments or comments that had no place whatsoever. this is simply a case of some people don't agree with it or they don't agree with what they think i was saying and, therefore, it would be okay if i was booted off the air. >> obviously a lot of people are upset. there are just as many people out there i believe that are
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standing up and applauding him for what he had to say sunday night, opening that discussion, getting us to talk about guns in the wrong people's hands. >> it's just -- i don't know. it's just sad to me that you can't have a rational conversation about gun control in america. you can't without the extremes on both sides coming forward and expressing their extreme opinions. why can't we sit down and have an intelligent discussion about gun control? >> it's a politically charged topic that people have such strong opinions and beliefs on, it's just the same topic, i think, as domestic violence, abortion. it's like talking politics with your family on thanksgiving. nothing gets solved from it. you're right. that's where it needs to change. we need to have an educated, open discussion about how we can get guns out of the wrong hands. >> you'll be back at 10:00, an hour from now. joe carter, thank you very much. the man who took this picture, a 58-year-old father pushed on to the tracks as the
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train was speeding toward him. there was nothing he could do, the photographer said, to save the man. >> it's not as if i wran to the post and said hey i have a photograph you may be interested in. if the same thing happened again under the same circumstances whether i had a camera or not and i ran toward it, there is no way i could rescue mr. han. what really surprises me is the people who were maybe 100 feet or 150 feet away from mr. han, they did not reach out to help him. >> police are now questioning another man. they say he implicated himself in the incident. mary snow has been following this story from new york. [ bleep ]. >> take your [ bleep ] over there. >> reporter: why exactly these men were fighting is unclear. moments after this video obtained by the new york police was recorded, 58-year-old ki-suk
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han was pushed on to the subway. horrified onlookers unable to save him. >> i know they were arguing with each other. i see people trying to flag the train down before the train get to him. >> reporter: the fight happened around 12:30 in the afternoon on this platform that is only about 10 feet wide. a doctor on the platform says the victim was trying to protect people that he didn't know and she says that many people tried to help him by alerting subway personnel. the victim was struck and she says she performed three to four minutes of chest compressions on him, but it was too late. one eyewitness describes the train coming to an abrupt stop three-quarters into the station. >> people are standing in fear and shock, not really knowing what's going on. some people started running out on to the platform. other people stood there and at any time really know what was going on. >> reporter: the suspect,
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meantime, was able to slip out of the station on to times square. police canvassed the area with his image placed on wanted posters in the streets. it was another image in this cruel killing that has sparked an uproar. this is one of several photographs published by the new york post of han facing the train seconds before his death. the post quotes the photographer saying he tried to warn the train operator by running towards him, firing off his camera flash. but online there were public comments of disgust. wow! enough time to take a few pictures. why didn't the person help? what an age we live in, when getting the picture is more important. i am appalled. carol, we should point out on tuesday we reached out to the freelance photographer and the new york post. both declined our request for comment. the photographer is speaking out, as you pointed out. he writes in the new york post today about the snap decision, saying that critics are wrong. he said it's unclear how he
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timed this, that there was 22 seconds between the time he heard screams and the time that man was struck by the train. but certainly creating so much controversy. and many people asking, you know, what would you do in that situation? and also, obviously, what else could have been done to help that man? >> he also said it was sort of an accidental picture. he was trying to alert the conductor of the train by using his flash. and he snapped all these pictures. >> right. it's hard to know exactly how much time had passed. and what else could have been done. the whole story has so many people, though, speaking out and reacting to it in this senseless ac act. >> mary snow reporting live from new york. it's a bold, long mission for one american astronaut, who will spend a full year in space, all
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we have some breaking news to share with you right now. citi group has announced it plans to cut 11,000 jobs worldwide as part of a cost-cutting measure. >> just a few minutes ago, we heard citigroup, indeed, announcing 11,000 job cuts. the goal is to cut about $1 billion in expenses through next year. this is all part of a broader restructuring effort. want to tell you what michael corbett, citi's ceo has said. you know, carol, citi has struggled more than some of its rivals, i should say, after this financial crisis. they took one of the biggest government bailouts at the time. this is really part of the process of getting citigroup back on its feet. citigroup shares are back up before the open. a lot of financial companies
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start looking at their book this is time of year. it's not surprising to see some layoffs. but big news here on citigroup. >> maribel abel reporting live from the new york stock exchange. president hillary clinton? i say that because the majority of new yorkers want to hear that in four years. three-quarters of those asked have a favorable view of the secretary of state, who was once a senator from new york. former first lady said that running for political office is not in her future. a big win for netflix. internet movie provider inks a deal to become the exclusive television provider for disney's new releases, including titles from studios like pixar and marvel. the deal could cost netflix $300 million a year. the deal won't send films your way until 2016. and days of rain across the west coast are taking a toll in western washington state. the national weather service says there's a risk of
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landslides, like that one, in everett. the ground could also slide in seattle, tacoma and bremerton. one year, 365 days. that's how long american scott kelley and a russian will spend on the sbrshl space station. his trip will be the longest by an american on a single mission. john zarrella joins us now. tell us more, john. >> reporter: holding a briefing about the mission now and what to expect. in about an hour or so, maybe a little less, kelly and his russian counterpart will also hold a press briefing and talk about, you know, how they were selected, the process. and what they expect. you know, this is a huge, huge step, if you want to do a deep space mission, because so little is known about the long-term
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effects of weightlessness on the body. if you're talking about going to an asteroid or mars, you're talking about round trip missions of a year or two years if you're going to go to mars. weightlessness affects the blood pressure, eyesight. it affects bone density. it affects muscle mass. so many different things beyond just the technical issues that have to be understood about the human body and how weightlessness affects it before we would ever be able to undertake such a trip. carol? >> how do you train for something like this? >> reporter: well, you know, it's year long. quite frankly, a lot of it is building baselines about that particular person's body. they'll build baselines about the blood pressure of the astronaut and cosmonaut. they'll build baselines about their muscle mass, do all of those things. of course, then there's just the intensive training about what they will be expected to do during the course of that year,
6:20 am
all the tests they'll be put through. not just the testing, but the responsibilities they'll have as part of the crew of that particular space station mission, that year-long mission they'll be on. it is pretty intense. and a lot of exercising, a lot of working out to build up the body for that much time in space. so, it is a huge, huge mission. i think it says one other thing, carol. any mission to mars, because of how cost prohibitive it would be, would clearly be an international mission. here you have the russian and the american training side by side. another indication that that's probably the direction that the world is going to go as far as going to mars. >> fascinating. john zarrella, reporting live for us this morning. >> sure. this picture sparked outrage and horror. a man trapped in the path of an oncoming subway train. a lot of outrage is directed at the man who took that picture.
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we've been talking about it all morning, about this picture.
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it ran in the new york post. you see the man in the photo moments before the train hit and killed him. he had been pushed on to the tracks by another man. people are outraged at the person who snapped this photo. they're outraged because the photographer didn't try to help the man. so, let's talk about the photographer's responsibility in all of this. joining us now via skype from arlington, massachusetts, from the national press association, good morning. >> good morning. >> the photographer in this case, umar abbasi says he didn't mean to snap the picture, simply flashing his camera at the conductor, trying to get the conductor to stop the train. does that sound credible to you? >> well, it's really hard for me to pass judgment on the actions of the photographer when i wasn't there. if i didn't see the other frames that he took, whether they looked random, i couldn't really comment on that.
6:25 am
>> he also says he was too far away to help. as a professional photographer, your instinct is to shoot things that are happening. that's what you do for a living. if abbasi was too far away, was it still proper for him to take the photo or should he have tried anyway? >> it depends on your opinion on whether it was even possible to help. once again we have to step back for a moment and realize these are decisions that have to be made in fractions of a second. it's not as though you have a long time to stand there and say what are the ethical standards involved here? what should i do? this is a situation where it was a crowded platform. there were lots of other people around. i'm sure there were people screaming. there was a lot of noise. i have to take the photographer at his word that what he was trying to do, by flashing the camera, was to alert the driver of the train and if that's credible, if that's believable and that's what he did, then he acted properly. the fact that he got a picture is part of his work. that's what he does. photographers take photographs in situations like this. >> so as a photographer who has
6:26 am
probably been in that sort of situation, you know, how -- is your first instinct to take the picture or to save the person? >> i think the first instinct of the vast mantjority of photographer sincere to hephoto ers is to help first. i have been reading the blog posts about people who have been in these situations, pulitzer prize winners. there's almost uninanimity of wanting to help. i can't really pass judgment on the photographer's actions, but i think in the heart and soul of every photojournalist, we believe what we do is very important, but none of us feel that our humanity takes second place to what we do as a profession. >> so here is a tough question.
6:27 am
a abbasi sold the picture. other organizations have asked him for more photos that he apparently has. he is a freelance photographer. this is how he makes his living. as a pro how does that sit with you? >> i think without being flippant, i think you just answered your own question. this is how he makes his living. he took news pictures. the fact that people are appalled by these pictures, the fact that people are shocked by them that, unfortunately, is part of the business. it's not a part that any of us celebrates. this is how he makes his living. he takes photographs. if there are people willing to pay to use those photographs, he is well within his rights to do that. i think his own moral com pchpa he would have to answer those questions for himself. if i can be a little bit defensive about photojournalists in these situations, people have a tendency to shoot the messenger. they have a tendency to blame the person who saw it and recorded it. there were many, many more people.
6:28 am
i don't know if it runs into the dozens or hundreds of people on that platform. the fact that they didn't take photographs doesn't make them any less liable to the criticism that they should have helped as well. >> peter southwick, thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much for asking. paul ryan is speaking out about his failed bid for the white house alongside mitt romney. what he had to say, next. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. "newsroom" at 30 past the hour, house speaker john boehner is meeting with house republicans this morning. and a news conference is set to take place in about 30 minutes.
6:32 am
ma president obama says no deal will be reached without higher taxes on the wealthy. you may not know his name. you've certainly seen his face, jack brooks, former congressman from texas, he died last night. that's him in the background when lyndon johnson took the oath of office following president kennedy's assassination. he was in the motorcade when kennedy was shot in 1963. paul ryan out of the shadows, following his failed run for president. wisconsin republican with florida senator marco rubio urged the gop to unite voters, not divide them. >> both parties tend to divide americans into our voters and their voters. let's be really clear. republicans must steer far clear of that trap. we must speak to the aspirations and anxieties of every american. >> i've heard it suggested that the problem is that the american people have changed. too many people want things from
6:33 am
government. but i'm still convinced that the overwhelming majority of our people, they just want what my parents had, a chance. >> ryan pointed out that he and rubio are seen as presidential contenders in 2016 and asked if anyone knew any good diners in iowa and new hampshire. the united states taking a stand against people with disabilities? former senator bob dole took to the senate floor in his wheelchair to push for support of the united nations treaty that helps disabled people around the world. despite that, senators voted against the treaty, something that would presumably have had a wide margin of support. >> i've heard from advocacy group s consisting of people w hope that this treaty will protect disabled americans who will protect them as they travel
6:34 am
abroad. i've also heard from parents of disabled children that this treaty will threaten their rights as parents. >> i sympathize with john boehner. the tea party has a firm grip on the republican party and that's obvious, what's happened this morning here in washington. >> in rejecting this treaty, the united states broke from 125 countries that have ratified the treaty, including syria and saudi arabia. senate republicans actually voted to approve the measure, like senator john mccain and kelly ayotte, to name a few. others b others band together saying that if passed it will inhibit people in the united states. ana navaro and maria cardona
6:35 am
joins us. in john mccain's words promote rights for disabled people, including our own veterans overseas? >> first of all i don't think it was a stand against people with disabilities. it was a stand against this treaty. it was a stand against a united nations treaty. there were a number of concerns. i read the statements by both john mccain and also some of the other senators that voted against. they're not tea party senators as senator reid is describing them. they are thoughtful people who pay attention, senators like lindsey graham, marco rubio, republicans who give -- who give a great credence to things like sovereignty and don't want to give authority to the united nations. they want the americans with disabilities act to be the golden standard by which we guide our actions. >> but isn't the treaty worded in pretty much exactly the same way as the americans with disabilities act is? >> right, which begs the question, why give any power to
6:36 am
the united nations? let me tell you, carol, i served as ambassador to the united nations human rights. it's a bureaucratic organization with very little teeth, very little fang and ability to enforce anything. some people had concerns about not wanting to give authority to the united nations and rather keep it as a sovereign issue. i think it's a culpable concern. >> if they don't have any teeth to impose this treaty in the united states, what difference does it make? >> that's exactly right. that's the problem with the arguments that republicans are making. i understand that people like rick santorum, who does have a disabled child, they feel very strongly about this. even in the arguments he is making, he contradicts himself, as most republicans did yesterday, in saying that this treaty has no teeth and it can't be enforced. and at the same time saying by signing it you give up american
6:37 am
sovereignty. those are two contraaddictry statements right there. it is a huge perception of the united states and frankly to the chagrin or what should be the extra grin of republicans that gop senate republicans are standing against the rights of the disabled abroad. and so i think that it was a hugely missed opportunity to really show american leadership in an area that is sorely needed across the globe. >> does it really boil town to republicantrust of the united nations? >> republican distrust of the united nations and some people have procedural concerns. they don't want any treaties ratified during a lame duck session. they think this is something that should be be fully aired while congress is in full session and they want the focus to be on the fiscal cliff. some conservatives did have issues regarding abortion and what it meant for the rights of
6:38 am
the disabled while they were in the womb. there were a number of concerns. when i saw bob dole get wheeled in by his wife, former senator elizabeth dole, my heart melted. it meant a lot to people like john mccain, but that does not mean that some of these issues that some of these republicans had were not credible and are not -- we should just say, okay. there's a lot of treaties that have really pretty sounding name but the devil is in the detail. and i think that's what some of them felt when it came to this treaty. >> ana navaro and maria -- go ahead, maria, quickly. >> i hope ana is right and if republicans really want to do this right they will have another chance in the next congress and this is something where americans really need to step up. what happened yesterday was gop fear of the tea party. every single senator that voted against it was most likely up in 2014 except for one. >> okay. ana navaro, maria cardona, thank you so much. people are so frustrated
6:39 am
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47 minutes past the hour. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom are. the fight over the fiscal cliff shows no signs of easing.
6:48 am
coming up at the top of the hour we're expecting to hear from house speak er john boehner and house republicans, who have been meeting this morning. they're not happy with the negotiations. president obama says no deal will be reached without higher taxes on the wealthy. >> a new twist in the case of internet mogul john mcafee, millionaire on the run from police in belize, who want to question mcafee about the shooting of a man, but say mcafee is not a suspect. typhoon kills 274 people in the philippines. it destroyed homes. it left washed out road, downed power lines and lots of damage. dr. phil's stolen '57 chevy has been found. the chevy belair in los angeles while investigating stolen cars. targeting repair shops and making off with the cars. dr. phil's chevy has minor body
6:49 am
damage butto otherwise is in good condition. tradition in south carolina was way too much for one giraffe. it was all caught on camera. ooh, melman the giraffe started shaking and jumping up and down at a tree lighting ceremony. in the end, the giraffe is not hurt and we're not really clear on why a jugiraffe was at a tre lighting ceremony anyway? that's a whole other story. we're back in a little bit. able to diagnose alzheimer's with a simple phone call. >> they leave a voice recording. algorrhythm algorrhythms to that 99%. >> that's pretty incredible. >> if he succeeds, he could change the game for parkinson's patients and for doctors on "the next list."
6:50 am
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6:52 am
minnesota vikings''s quarterback says he's never had a welcome like this. >> the biggest introduction ever going through the longest line of people. >> ponder held a news conference for the class talking about the importance of staying in school,
6:53 am
eating healthy and being yourself but one fan had to bring up the loss on sunday. ponder admitted that he didn't play all that great. even the kids know. robert griffin, iii, is doing something unheard of in that partisan town. he's bringing people together. rg, iii, showed up to the game and the wizards won. he's known for what he does on the field, not courtside. >> reporter: nicknamed rg3, a 2011 heisman trophy winner, he's helping to instill a winning
6:54 am
attitude as the redskins rebuild. >> accelerating, slowing down, into the hands -- >> reporter: he may be the only person who can can unify washington. redskins rookie, robert griffin, iii. he led the redskins to their third win. cnn spoke to him in may shortly after he was drafted. >> it's not about a team, hey, we've only made it twice to the playoffs in 12 years. it's, we have a new quarterback and can go out and win. >> reporter: and winning sl what rookie quarterbacks have been able to accomplish. rg3, andrew luk. >> you can't say, hey, we just want to win seven games. no. you can't come out and say, we want to be competitive.
6:55 am
you want to concur. peyton manning won 3 in 13 in the nfl. does that mean all of the rookies have that excuse? doesn't matter. we have to help our teams win from the get-go because that's why they drafted us. >> reporter: there's even talk in washington that if the redskins get to the playoffs, he could be in the discussion of the most valuable player award. there's little doubt where a franchise has struggled on the field for 20 years would be without him. brian todd, cnn. this is going to make you do a double-take. steve jobs or ashton kutcher? we're getting a first look at the film. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes.
6:56 am
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6:57 am
6:58 am
we're getting our first look at ashton kutcher as steve jobs this morning. here is cnn's michelle turner.
6:59 am
>> we can share the first image from the film which stars ashton kutcher behind the legendary man of apple. he has the beard and lodge hair parted to the side. kutcher is saying that there is definitely a resemblance. this has just been announced as the closing night film for the sundance film festival in late january. the festival is calling the movie, quote, the true story of one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history which chronicles the defining 30 years of steve jobs life. it says, quote, that it's candid, inspiring, and personal. this is actually one of two movies coming out about steve jobs who died a little over a year ago. for now, ashton kutcher is the
7:00 am
man and some people are questioning the casting of ashton as jobs. mostly because he's known for comedy. but, you know, he's almost famously tech savvy. he now has 13 million followers plus on twitter. he's got all kind of businesses. maybe it's not so much of a stretch to see ashton as steve jobs. >> maybe not. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. a businey day in our nation's capital. house republican leaders met this morning with speaker john boehner. many republicans unhappy with the way he offered the white house $800 billion in tax hikes during fiscal cliff negotiations. congressman boehner is starting a news conference that is scheduled to start any hour now. also, we could hear
7:01 am
president obama's response to speaker boehner's offer. he is is publicly pushing his plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest of americans. we'll bring that to you 50 minutes from now. lawmakers are listening to responses of superstorm sandy. they are going to demand more funds for the cleanup. this is the third of four hearings scheduled. and in houston, a history making mission to the international space station. scott kelly, the american astronaut, will speak about his next launch. if all goes as planned, it will set the longest record for a space mission for an american. we'll see what he's saying. "newsroom" starts right now.
7:02 am
good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. this should be interesting. speaker john boehner is meeting with house republicans who are angry at his new pitch to raise 8$800 million in fiscal cliff negotiations. we're expecting a news conference any minute now on that meeting. we'll bring it to you live. nancy pelosi spoke about it a few hours ago. here's what she had to say. >> i would hope that that would break the fall on the cliff, which is becoming more of a soil if they do that but really, we do need to put a down payment, not just in revenues which passing middle income tax cut means the end of holding them hostage. >> senior congressional correspondent dana bash is on capitol hill. so what's happening now? >> reporter: well, we have been talking to republican lawmakers as they have been coming out of this meeting that the house republican conference had this morning and i should tell you any moment we're going to see the speaker and the other
7:03 am
members of the leadership. i'll sit down when that happens. but what we've actually heard is what went on behind closed doors is not the backlash from conservatives outside the congress but certainly groups that are very, very upset that the house republican leadership sent a counteroffer to the president that includes $800 billion in new revenue. that's not to say that there are not many rank and file republicans who are not happy about that because so many of them signed a pledge and don't believe in raising taxes but we talked to a number of house republicans in the last few minutes saying that they are unified. that's the word i heard, multiple times, unified behind the house speaker just in the process because they realize that the process has to continue and there is frustration that the president hasn't responded to that proposal yet. he's simply gone on television to do an interview yesterday. >> we'll see if he has something to say momentarily. i understand that lawmakers plan to leave washington for the rest of the week. so why are they leaving when the fiscal cliff is 26 days away?
7:04 am
>> you know, it is an interesting decision. look, we are in the lame duck congress and so what the republican leadership says is that they simply don't have a lot of legislation to put on the floor to keep members of congress here. however, you are right. the optics of republicans leaving today, wednesday, with two days left in the week with the fiscal cliff not too far away certainly may be questionable. what they insist is that their members are going to go back home and talk to their businesses and small business leaders to maybe play the outside in-game that the president has been playing by trying to rally support for his side of this issue. >> dana bash, reporting live from capitol hill. also, right now, brefing congress about exactly what happened in benghazi. every single members of the house of representatives, all 400 plus of them were invited. so elise, this is a multimedia
7:05 am
presentation. so is it a power point on benghazi? >> reporter: well, carol, the members are just starting to arrive right now. they will be meeting in this room right here, this auditorium. minority leader nancy pelosi just arrived. basically, it's going to be very similar to the briefing that some of the members of the intelligence committees, armed services committee, the leadership, those classified briefings already took place with a very specific level of detail. this briefing now is open to all members of the house. they won't go over as much classified material as in those other briefings but we are expecting that they will be seeing this video, this surveillance video of the night of the attack in benghazi at the consulate. certainly there are other members in addition to those committee leaders that have a lot of questions. >> so who decided to hold this meeting? is it public relations stuff for
7:06 am
the benefit of the american people? i know i'm being cynical here. or is it from all of the criticism from the lawmakers about what happened in benghazi? >> reporter: no, this is a routine intelligent briefing. they receive briefings regularly. obviously the headline isn't benghazi today and these members wanted to have their opportunity to ask questions of director of the national intelligence director, james clapper, patrick kennedy, the undersecretary for management in charge of security in u.s. diplomatic and some others, they wanted an opportunity to ask the same kind of questions that were asked of some of these men when they had their classified briefings. >> elise reporting live from capitol hill. there's a new twist in the strange case of john mcafee. he left belize and he's now in
7:07 am
guatemala where he will seek asylum. >> no one has blamed me for the murder. i have not been charged, i am not a suspect. they merely want to question me about the murder. i am not concerned. i have not been charged with a crime. there is no basis for oh extradition. >> police in belize say that he is not a suspect. guatemalan officials decline to say whether he will be granted asylum in this country. bob costas now explaining exactly what he meant to say about guns during half time on sunday night football. co costas was speaking about
7:08 am
handgun. >> they bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. jovan's actions and connection to football will be analyzed. who knows. but this is what i believe. if jovan belcher did not own a gun, he and kasandra would both be alive today. >> the commentary is saying that he picked the wrong time to talk about gun control and others say he is talking about their second amendment right. lars larson said this, nbc should show bob costas the door and there's a facebook page, fire bob costas for his unamerican comments on gun control. hln sports reporter joe carter is here to talk about all of this. took a couple of days, but bob
7:09 am
costas did come out and defend himself. >> yes, he did, and he did to a great extent with dan patrick. basically, he said why he chose to do this, why he choose to extensively quote the whitlock article, well, that really puts things in perspective. you really want perspective, here's an article that really puts things in perspective. he said his biggest mistake from doing that during the half-time show is he did not allow enough time. he broke his broadcasting rule, that 90 seconds did not warrant enough time to fully flush out such a heavy-handed topic. so he said he made a mistake to leave too much out there for misinterpretation, miscommunication.
7:10 am
he said, wait a minute, i don't want to repeal the second amendment. i believe people should have a right to bear arms. he said i think there needs to be an open topic about gun control. that the mentality of gun control needs to change. that the idea that people grab their house and their keys and their guns, anybody can access semi-automatic guns so easily. that conversation about gun culture, football culture, violence needs to be sddiscusse in the right forum. then he was asked about the backlash and criticism where people said that nbc should fire bob costas and this was his response on the dan patrick show. >> someone compared this to situations in which people have made blatantly racial comments or comments that had a place whatsoever. some people don't agree with it or don't agree with what they think i was saying and therefore it would be okay if i was booted off the air. >> now, not everyone disagrees
7:11 am
with bob costas. michael bloomberg said, a frank discussion about gun laws and gun violence is a discussion we need to have. thank you for speaking up. one point that he did make, which i thought was very resonating with me during that interview with dan patrick, he said tony dungey when he was head coach of the indianapolis coach, during a training campmeeting, he asked hissers, how many of you in this room own a gun. 65 hands went up. that's when he said the discussion needs to begin. why do 65 nfl football players own guns. >> well, they would say for protection. >> but why? >> these are the kind of things that need to be discussed in country. there's nothing wrong with discussing gun control. hopefully cnn and other
7:12 am
organizations will do just that. joe carter, thank you very much. scott kelly is aiming to set an american record. he's expected to talk soon but first let's hear from john zarrella who is joining us live. hey, john. >> reporter: hi, carol. you're looking at the joint press conference that nasa was carrying out in houston and moscow because it will, as you mentioned, be american scott kelly and the russian mikha mikhail kornienko. and this is a huge, huge first step. you can't underestimate it. if eventually there is going to be long duration flights to an astroid or on to mars, you not only have to have an understanding of the technical issues that you might face but what the body will go through over a course of year or two
7:13 am
years in space. there just isn't enough of a baseline of information right now. so this is going to be hugely important. because, for instance, blood pressure goes down when you're on a long duration mission. you lose a lot of body mass and bone mass and muscle mass. the eyes change. there's an eye loss issue. eyesight loss issue that astronauts are facing coming back even from the duration of space flights they are doing now on the international space station. so a lot you have to understand about how the body is affected by weightlessness and also behavioral issues. if you and i go on this two-year mission, are we going to get along after the first year or 18 months? they have to understand how all of those things work out before they can undertake any kind of a mission like that. big first step now planning and working on this sdwroint mission that joint mission that will take place in 2015. we expect to hear from kelly and
7:14 am
kornienko shortly about the mission itself starts to wind down. carol? >> i would have a problem handling the boredom. i know they do a lot of work and research. but, still, you're up there with the same people day after day after day. you can't go outside and run around or anything. to me, i would be stir crazy. >> and that is the issue. don't forget, you're not going in a space shuttle around a station. you're going in a pretty confined space in a capsule that's going to hold four or five people at the most and it's going to be very confined with a treadmill in the spacecraft as they work out on. but not a lot of space to move around. it's going to be crammed. i don't know, a year in one of those kind of -- in a capsule heading to mars or an astroid, that takes a pretty special
7:15 am
people to do that. >> and do they get to talk to their families much? >> oh, yeah. there's regular -- communications is not -- that's one of the things that's pretty easy. communication will be easy, although on a deep space mission, remember, the time lapse is going to be, for instance, if you're sitting on mars, talking to earth, you're talking about 23 to 24 minutes but takes for that signal to get to earth and then another 20 minutes for your response to get back to mars. so -- it takes some time. >> okay. we're still waiting for scott kelly to speak. when he does, we'll get back to you. john zarrella, thank you so much. >> john boehner is just about to speak. he met with house republicans about his latest offer to president obama. dana bash is here. is he coming out? >> reporter: we think so. to recap what we have is $800
7:16 am
billion in new revenue and republican congressman from all points on the political spectrum told us that the conference seems to be pretty unified hype the speaker when it comes to the process that they understand that they are going to have to make some concessions and at the end of the day the key thing is to keep the discussions going. one thing that we did hear is a little inside baseball but certainly ruffling feathers here is that a few of the conservative -- most conservative members of congress were removed from key committees. and we're told that two of those members who were removed actually stood up and complained. you know, these are members who were on important committees, like the budget committee and financial services and this is not just upsetting people
7:17 am
internally but mostly upsetting conservatives outside of congress because they saw this happen pretty much on the same day that the republican leadership got behind a proposal with $800 billion in new tax revenue. so it's the one-two punch for conservatives outside. >> it certainly seems that john boehner's rank in file to -- here he comes, dana. >> good morning, everyone. you know, this week we made a good faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms and it included additional revenue. and frankly it was the balanced approach that congress has been asking for. now we need a response from the
7:18 am
white house. we can't sit here and negotiate with ourselves. our targets and framework are things that we can all agree on and it's exactly how we approached our discussions in the biden group, my discussions at the white house a year and a half ago and, for that matter, in the joint select committee. and if the president doesn't agree with our proposal and our outline, i think he's got an obligation to send one to the congress. and a plan that can pass both chambers of congress. if you look at the plans that the white house has talked about thus far, they couldn't pass either house of the congress. we're ready and eager to talk to the president and to work with him to make sure that the american people aren't disadvantaged by what's happening here in washington. >> good morning. i think at this point most folks in the country and certainly in
7:19 am
this town know where both sides are on taxes. but to the speaker's point, we have not had any discussion in any specifics with this president about the real problem, which is spending. we have got to do something about the spending. an obsession to raise taxes is not going to solve the problem. what will solve the problem is doing something about the entitlements, taking on the wasted spending in washington. we can't just keep borrowing money and raising taxes and expect the problems to go away. that is our point to the president. as the speaker said, we want to sit down with the president. we want to talk specifics. we put an offer on the table now. he is out of hand rejected that. where are the specifics? where are the discussions? nothing is going on. meanwhile, the people of the this country are the ones to suffer. we ask the president, be specific with the spending so we can stop the wasteful spending
7:20 am
in washington and address the problem. >> as we continue to try to solve the fiscal economy, today we will have small family-owned businesses in there, talking about ways that we can -- >> we're going to pull away from this. i have a question of you, dana bash. dana, are you there? she can't hear me. well, i wanted to ask her about these $800 billion in tax revenue. i want to make it clear to all of you that does not mean an increase in taxes on the wealthiest americans. that means closing loopholes and cutting other things to raise that $800 billion in tax revenue that the republicans are talking about. we're going to hear much more about this on the other side of the break and we'll be right
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
back. just moments ago, john boehner spoke to reporters and said he made an offer. part of the negotiations to avoid that fiscal cliff, he made that offer to president obama that includes $800 billion in tax revenue. he wants to overhaul the entire tax code, close loopholes, things like that. he's waiting for a response from the president.
7:24 am
listen to what he said. >> you know, this week we made a got faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms and it included additional revenue. and, frankly, it was the balanced approach that the president has been asking for. now we need a response from the white house. we can't sit here and negotiate with ourselves. >> okay. let's talk about that response from the white house. dan loatthian has been covering that story for us. will it be forthcoming? >> reporter: they did get that offer and the response from the white house was, quote, magic beings and fairy dust. that's how he feels about that. you heard him repeat that in the bloomberg television interview.
7:25 am
there is no deal unless taxes go up on wealthiest americans. that's the message that you will hear from the president as he visits at the roundtable and also take questions. trying to make the case, we're told, by a white house official that americans, middle class americans want to see some certainty. they want to know that their taxes are not going up at the end of the year. the president also will be putting pressure on these business leaders to support his approach. >> something a little strange. republican lawmakers dealing directly with president obama. you never hear them say we want to sit down with democratic lawmakers and hammer out a deal. why is that? >> at this point it appears that the democrats and president are on the same page. there is sort of this strain within republicans, especially between those in the house and the senate over the right approach. they do want to sit down and meet directly with the president and the last indications we got
7:26 am
is that there's nothing going on in terms of negotiations while the white house says that the conversations continue, gop aides say saying that there's no phone calls, e-mailing, nothing between them. i think it's a little hard to see how you move this ball forward if the two sides are not negotiating face-to-face. we'll see if the ball can get moved. >> who needs twitter or facebook or a telephone call when you have television? because that's how they seem to be -- >> reporter: you can just walk down the street? >> yes. exactly. >> reporter: dan both general, reporting live from the white house. we'll be right back. by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple.
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7:29 am
just about continue minutes ago, republican house speaker john boehner reached out to president obama on television before reporters and said he wanted a counteroffer to the republican's offer to avoid the fiscal cliff. that offer includes an $800 billion in tax revenue but does not include any tax increase on the wealthiest americans.
7:30 am
also, our own dana bash, our congressional correspondent asked john boehner why republicans met today to talk about the fiscal cliff and then are going to go home after the meeting and await for the president's response. here's what mr. boehner said. >> reporter: today's wednesday and the house is going to leave today with two days left in the week. i understand that you are saying that there's no legislation that's been on the floor. but when it comes to just pure optics of the house leaving with the fiscal cliff right in front of us -- >> i'll be here and i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president to get serious about solving this problem. >> mr. speaker, does the conference perhaps realize that you don't seem to be negotiating in all of this? >> our members believe strongly that raising tax rates will hurt the economy. closing loopholes, especially on those who are wealthy, is a
7:31 am
better way to raise this revenue than raising rates. because raising rates will hurt the very people that we're expecting to upgrade jobs in our country. >> all right. house speaker john boehner. let's head back to capitol hill and check in with dana bash. so the president has looked at this offer and jay carney, his spokesman, called it fairy dust. so what did the republicans expect it to be in return? >> reporter: carol, look, what do they expect in return? what they say that they want is just to talk. that is something that should be emphasized for our viewers which is what we are seeing back and forth in the public, the latest public discussion of course just happened moments ago is what's going on. generally what happens in these kind of high-stake negotiations is you have the public posturing and private discussions where the real deals are being made. there are not private
7:32 am
discussions going on, which is alarming by any measure, and what republicans are saying is, please, mr. president, let's come back to the table. now, you might ask, well, why aren't there discussions going on and one answer that i've gotten from democratic sources is that they feel that they really have a winning strategy here because they are right when it comes to public opinion, they say, of wanting to raise the rates for the wealthiest americans and the alternative is that at the end of the year if we go off the fiscal cliff, they really believe that republicans will get the blame. so that's why maybe they are sort of running out the clock a little bit making it harder for republicans to negotiate more at the end of the day. >> so just to make it clear, because the republican plan does not include a tax increase, a tax increase on the wealthy, the president isn't going to deal? he's not going to get on the phone with john boehner, he's not going to do anything? >> reporter: well, it's hard to imagine at some point that they are not going to get on the phone, that they are not going to have real negotiations. but right now, they are not.
7:33 am
and so that's why the house republican leadership says they are just sending their members home. and they also say, the speaker didn't mention it here but one thing they want their members to do back in their districts is to try to galvanize the public's support for their position that the president is trying to do for his position as he campaigns on that. but you're exactly right and it's important to underscore this over and over again, where they are in the divide is over what kind of tax increase there's going to be. the president is absolutely firm. the line is deeply in the sand that it's got to be a rate increase for the wealthiest americans and you just heard from the speaker, they do not believe that it's good for the economy and that's the big difference. it has been and it still is. >> dana bash reporting live from capitol hill this morning, we'll be right back. .
7:34 am
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7:36 am
it will still be against federal law to smoke pot. attorney general asking him to enforce federal law. this is part of the letter sent by the northern colorado legislative alliance. today we ask that you and the department of justice remain consistent in your commitment to the csa and federal law to provide the bright line we seek. sandra is part of the northern colorado alliance. welcome. >> thank you so much. how good to be here.
7:37 am
>> i understand your concerns and many people do but still the voters of colorado have spoken. they want marijuana legalized. so why are you still fighting it? >> well, we aren't fighting it as much as we're seeking clarity of law relative to our obligations as employers and in relationship to our employees. >> so as employers, what are you afraid of? >> well, there are concerns that we have. there is uncertainty about our ability to terminate employees if they come to the job impaired. there's obligations that we have under the drug-free workplace. there's a lot of questions that have arisen. >> wouldn't it be the same as if an employee showed up drunk? >> well, there is questions
7:38 am
about that very question. we don't know. at the end of the day, we don't know what our obligations are. there are folks who may take indid i indigestibles and what sort of recourse do we have. so there's a lot of questions. >> so what do you want the attorney general to do exactly? >> well, we would like to see enforcement of federal law. we believe that is very clear with regard to our obligation and liabilities. we believe that he has -- he has been consistent thus far in expressing concerns about the legalization of marijuana and we'd like to see him continue that consistency in terms of colorado and washington. >> specifically how? do you want fbi agents who are federal police, so to speak, to arrest people? what exactly do you want the attorney general to do? >> well, we would like to --
7:39 am
we're looking for his intentions relative to the enforcement and determination as to what that looks like. we aren't asking for specifics about what that looks like but clarity about what his intentions are in that regard. >> so just going back to your concerns, that employees may like get high before they go to work or get high on the job and it's perfectly legal, i'm just not clear in understanding how that's different from drinking on the job and being impaired when you show up to work. because employers can certainly act against employees in those instances. >> right. yes. absolutely. employers have rights to employees who smoke on the job. there's no question about that. the real question becomes when they are off the job and the time in which they -- the distance between the time in which they use marijuana and their potential impairment once they land at the work site. you have employees who are
7:40 am
utilizing heavy equipment. what -- but perhaps smoked off the job. what level of impairment is inappropriate and is not okay and gives the employer the right to terminate. that is where our concerns stem from. >> it seems like the train is already passed the station, though, and that the legalization of marijuana is in place in colorado and there's not much really you can do about it. so if the u.s. attorney general doesn't act, what do you do? >> well, if he doesn't act, we will take the next steps to assess our legal rights and we expect the legislature to hopefully provide a little bit of clarity. we'll pursue discussions there. certainly we expect it to be legal discussions in the courts as well and hopeful that that provides some clarity as well.
7:41 am
we think the first step, though, is asking the attorney general for his intentions around the controlled substances act. colorado has background zero for the national debate and we understand that and we believe that he has the opportunity to make it very clear and set a precedent for the nation and for colorado employers who require and need certainty in their business decisions. >> sandra hagen solin, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. we're back after a quick break. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf.
7:42 am
bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪
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45 minutes past the hour, checking our top stories now. a typhoon blamed for the deaths of at least 274 people in the philippines. it destroyed close to 3,000 homes. it's moving offshore after leaving washed out roads, downed power lines and other damage.
7:45 am
citigroup plans to cut 11,000 jobs world wide including positions at 44 positions here in the united states. the cuts are part of a plan to reduce expenses. we don't know when the layoffs will begin. an american astronaut has a lot of work to do. scott kelly is working to spend a full year in space on the international space station. he talked about that mission moments ago. >> on a concern npersonal level i look forward to the challenge. i was willing to do that again, i wanted to do it again but more than doubling that time will make it even more of a challenge. and i recognize it's not going to be easy to spend a year in that kind of isolated environment but it's something that, you know, i think i'm up for that challenge and certainly at this point i look forward to.
7:46 am
>> wow. kelly would set the record for the longest trip by an american in space on a single mission. [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects and many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay.
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all right. you're looking at a live picture of the business roundtable at washington headquarters. president obama has been meeting with its members for the past few minutes talking about how to avoid the fiscal cliff. you can see the presidential seal on that podium. that means that the president will speak at any moment now. when mr. obama begins speaking, we'll bring you back to washington and the business round table headquarters. okay. remember harry potter who can make someone completely disappear? it sounds like a fairytale but the army may be using something like that, camouflaging the troops and making them completely invisible. >> reporter: it can mean the difference between getting shot
7:50 am
and going home. so a lot is riding on the next generation design to outfit troops. it's only been eight years since the army spent $5 billion on camo that critics say didn't fool anyone. soldiers complained to the point that the army abandoned its one-size fits all universal pattern. >> they were looking for camouflage that they could use everywhere? >> correct. and it didn't work anywhere. >> reporter: guy is one of the designers competing to win the next multimillion dollar contract. this summer he showed us the science behind every size and shape of these pixels. >> you now have your camouflage. we're trying to trick the brain into something that is not there. >> reporter: digital patterns recreate things already found in nature and 3-d layering creates depths and shadows where none exists. that's today's design. the developers already have one eye on tomorrow.
7:51 am
>> what's coming up down the road and very quickly is the harry potter cloak. >> reporter: with that fictional cloak, harry isn't just camouflaged, he's invisible. how invisible are we talking here? if i ran into a room with a soldier wearing one of these cloaks -- >> you wouldn't see him at all. he would be completely invisible to you. >> reporter: this isn't make-believe. it works by bending the light around an object, even concealing most of a person's shadow. imagine what that can could do for a sniper hiding in a field or the american pilots who ejected over libya when their fighter jets crashed last year. >> they could actually pull out very similar to what they carry with a survival blanket, pull it over the top of them. and nlts you walked right into them, you wouldn't know that they were there. >> reporter: so what was once
7:52 am
firmly in the story of make-believe could quick leelg become real and the science is in the special fabric. you don't need an instruction manual to make it work. theoretically, any soldier, even in the most remote location, could quickly put it on and put it to work. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. >> wow. i want three of those puppies. we'll be right back. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. at chevy's year-end event, we have 11 vehicles that offer an epa-estimated 30 mpg highway or better. yeah?
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7:56 am
talk about things that do matter. talk about music, talk about sports, talk about silly things so when it comes time to talk about something important like being bullied or feeling uncomfortable, that channel of communication is open and well used and then number two, don't make the child feel conspicuous. a student sitting down nose to nose and knee to knee, i used to go out into the driveway and shoot baskets with my boys or we would walk the dog around the block and then talk a little and then not. the net effect was a huge amount of information gained by not making them feel so conspicuous. >> dr. phil. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me today. cnn "newsroom" with ashleigh banfield begins after a quick break. ♪ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ♪
7:57 am
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